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What Pests to Look Out For Each Season

Pest’s behavior is a character that only a professional would understand. Pests behave according to the four seasons that is summer, autumn, spring and winter. Their change in behavior over the seasons requires that an expert uses different pesticides to work according to the weather. Some pesticides require action depending on the condition to work. Any buyer hence has to understand how best to protect their houses and animals from pests by being prepared with the weather. This prevents uncontrollable pest infestation in the house. The common kind of pests includes bugs, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, termites, rats, crickets, flies and bees.

Spring Pests

Many pests find spring as the best time to breed. This season hence requires lots of cleaning and precautions like clearing the spider webs, applying dust treatment and power protection for buildings. This is because the pests always find open places and cracks to use them as their breeding sites. Pests to look out for during spring include roaches, flies, and ants. Reproduction is a great factor to prevent especially with ants by using pest breeding control methods.


Just like summer is loved by everyone so do pests too. The pests have a high mobility ability and are likely to move up and about everywhere. This is the time that you will see many people contacting local pest control birmingham al for pests support. Pests are at a high-speed movement in summer, and they require high-speed pest reactants. The most common types of pests during summer include gulls and wasps.


Bed bugs, flies, fleas, moles, and mice cause the greatest damage at this time of the year. The rodents will be bad for the garden while fleas affect the pets’ survival. Flies usually in this time of the year are all over the food and any dirty material. Hygiene is required for fall; small pests like fleas usually are young and vulnerable. They will hence use the minor joints and cracks in the households as their home. Rock beds and granules serve as their area for hiding during this time of the season. Fall is the best time to clear your households and compound off pests.


The cold season usually is not a good time for many pests; they will hence use the house as their home for their survival. Many pests are inactive during the season except the rats and mice. Due to the cold weather, they will seek hostage in the warmer parts of the house like the store or wardrobe. Rats especially are famous for causing a lot of destruction during winter. They are hence the pests to watch out for and be prepared to fight them with pesticides.

Any season requires preparation because there are always pests that adapt to that season very well.