Choosing The Best Flooring In Your Home


Choosing the best type of flooring for your home isn’t just a black and white decision. There’s a lot to take into account: flooring that works with bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. This process can be a stressful one and can be a daunting situation, not to mention expensive. Try saving up beforehand or putting some money into reliable gold ira investment to make sure you stay financially stable throughout the entire remodel. It’s a decision that will combine one’s personal style with practicality. In this section, you’ll be given some helpful tips on which type of flooring goes well with what rooms, most of which I learned from the fantastic staff at CRT Flooring Concepts in San Antonio.

Familiarize yourself with which room gets the most attention, like the living room or kitchen. And which room gets the most moisture like bathrooms or, in some cases, laundry rooms. Do you have kids? How many pets do you own? Carefully take these questions into consideration.


When flooring your kitchen, make sure that your choice is durable and can clean easily. You want to with wood, ceramic tile or linoleum. Ceramic tiles are a great choice due to its easy maintenance and wide range of styles. Keep in mind that tiles are prone to crack, however. Ceramic is also very slippery when wet, so if you have children you may want to consider getting them nonslip house shoes like baby moccs.

Linoleum comes in many different designs and is inexpensive. It usually has an even and smooth texture and is very durable.

When it comes to wood flooring, some people feel it’s unusual as there are so many options. Some woods even require different levels of expertise for installation. Make sure to apply a good, protective finish if installing a wood flooring in your kitchen. This will help guard it against whatever moisture makes contact with your kitchen floor.


Bathroom floors obviously get exposed to a lot of more moisture than kitchens. Go with ceramic tile, Linoleum, limestone granite or marble. Many homeowners can even work with ceramic or vinyl tiles themselves. Ceramic tiles, however, aren’t cheap. And if you decide to go with something a little more high-end like marble, you need to hire a professional contractor to get the job done. Don’t take on this kind of project yourself.

Living Rooms and Areas

When choosing flooring for your living space the main focus is personal style. Some prefer tile while others stick to carpet and wood. While tiles have many different patters, it can also be very cold and hard. It’s not the practical choice if you’re wanting something cozy.

Wood flooring gives living areas an elegant aspect. It’s a warmer feel and is a lot easier on the feet. It’s a long-term durability and provides an easy-to-clean surface.

Finally, you can go with carpet. This gives your living space a very intimate look. It’s great for any area you like to walk barefoot in, like bedrooms or home offices.

Regardless of preference when re-flooring your home, always make sure to research. Educate yourself to make the right decision. Plan ahead and know what your budget is. Doing all that will ensure you will be picking the perfect floor for whatever room you’re wanting to get done.